ProteanOS needs more contributors! If you're interested in getting involved, please contact us on the IRC channel and/or mailing list.

There are a variety of ways in which you can help shape the future of this operating system distribution:

Software Packaging

software packaging

Packaging is the preparation of build instructions and metadata for software programs and libraries to be built and installed on users' systems.

Source packages have a documented format, and tutorials on packaging are available.

There is always more software to be packaged, and many packages need to be updated to the latest package format.

Most source packages are maintained in Git repositories. To request a repository for your package, contact the system administrator.

Software Development

software development

The ProteanOS community maintains and uses a number of distribution development and infrastructure tools.

The ProteanOS Archive Manager could use more testers and maintainers.

Patches are welcome for other tools as well, including opkbuild, opkhelper, the ProteanOS Development Kit, and Text::MarkdownBook.

A simple build daemon infrastructure has been designed.

Technical Documentation

technical documentation


In development is the Source Package Format 2.0 specification.

Instructions to clone and build the specifications are available.


To be written is a Packaging Policy.

Release Series

ProteanOS is released in series. Development is currently focused on release series 1.

Architecture Ports

ProteanOS is designed to portable to many different hardware architectures, system kernels, and C/C++ libraries. A number of ports are planned.