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Move index-201507 to index
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Add 128-px icons for home page slideshow
Add more icons
doc/install/prokit: Mention AUR packages
templates/page.tmpl: Add Libiquity link
templates/page.tmpl: Add merchandise link
doc/install/pc: Update installation instructions
doc/install/pc: Expand list of supported platforms
dev/releases/1/todo: Add notes to upgrade linux-libre
wiki/editing: Drop "Web Editing" for now
templates/page.tmpl: Drop "Edit" link for now
doc/install/prokit: Direct users to Git for PC installations
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dev/releases/1: Change 1.0 date
dev: Drop 1.0 date
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dev/releases/1/todo: Drop fbcon option
dev/releases/1/todo: Serial in dimension2400 & x60
dev/releases/1/todo: Serial in only dimension2400
dev/releases/1/todo: Add inittab getty note
dev/releases/1/todo: Add linux-image and busybox
dev/releases/1/todo: Add nano and rsync
dev/releases/1: Link to dev/releases/1/todo
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dev/archive/mirroring: Update size
doc/install: s/PC/supported PC/
templates/page: Update installation URL
get: Mark move to doc/install
doc/legal: Add comment about download time
doc/legal: Expand prokit name
doc/install/pc: Clarify `installers/pc` command
doc/install/pc: Add back link
doc/install/pc: Expand prokit name
doc/install/jail: Expand prokit name
doc/install: Introduce the "two simple steps"
doc/legal: Fix `opkg install build-essential` log
doc/legal: Add `opkg install build-essential` log
doc/legal: New page
doc/install/pc: Adapter is SATA *and PATA* to USB
doc/install/pc: Expand sentence about questions
doc/install/pc: Add "Installing boot loader"
doc/install/pc: Give prokit sample output
doc/install/pc: Add note re: unreleased installer
doc/install/pc: AO751h has internal SATA, not PATA
Also clarify Dimension 2400 note.
doc/install/pc: Drop more miniprokit instructions
doc/install/pc: s|IBM/|| in x60 description
Move chroot/mount/sudo notes to doc/install/prokit
doc/install/pc: Update header section
Change title and start referring to prokit.
doc/install/jail: New page
doc/install/prokit: New page
doc/install: New page
dev/opkbuild: Update for 3.0.0-beta7
dev/prokit: Version 1.1.0 released
dev/archive/mirrors: s/https/http/ on
dev/archive/mirrors: Update
doc/pkg/dev-env: Drop notes on ob-gencontrol bug
The new gmake packages are now in the archive and hitting the mirrors.
doc/pkg/dev-env: Update notes on ob-gencontrol bug
doc/pkg/dev-env: Update build-essential install
dev/prokit: Link to missing manual page
dev/prokit/prokit-install.8: New page
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dev/mentoring/vals-soc/wayland-weston: New page
doc/pkg/basic-expat: Fix spf-fields-bin link
Originally fixed in a Web edit:
commit f36f0a489abf213ee4da8c78fad91f09e8c07d6c
Author: Vic_Simeone <Vic_Simeone@web>
Date: Sun Aug 31 11:53:48 2014 -0400
Corrects link to SPF 5.2 Binary Package Fields
diff --git a/dev/packaging/tutorials/basic.mdwn
index 5d54a73..b9f1047 100644
--- a/dev/packaging/tutorials/basic.mdwn
+++ b/dev/packaging/tutorials/basic.mdwn
@@ -519,7 +519,7 @@ So our `build` makefile should now look like this:
Documentation and Finishing Touches
doc/pkg/dev-env: Add a link
doc/pkg/dev-env: Update prokit version
dev/packaging/tutorials/basic: Moved