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doc/install/prokit: Git commits are signed
doc/install/prokit: Prescribe Git repository
doc/install/prokit: Requires make, sh, std utils
doc/install/prokit: Make deps more prominent
doc/install/*: Mention $suite in instructions
doc/install/pc: Drop ao751h and dimension2400
These platforms (ProteanOS's first two PC platforms) are being retired
and are no longer maintained.
doc/install: Explain when to use chroot or hw
doc/install/*: Describe dev/trunk and rel/trunk
dev/todo/install-bb-without-bb: Done
Revert "dev/todo/install-bb-without-bb: Summarize"
This reverts commit 07adbad120ff260ee72fb6076b8fd45ab925672c.
dev/todo/install-bb-without-bb: Maybe an env var?
dev/todo/install-bb-without-bb: No alts migration
dev/todo/install-bb-without-bb: Summarize
dev/todo/install-bb-without-bb: More work needed
dev/todo/install-bb-without-bb: Reiterate more
dev/todo/install-bb-without-bb: Link to alts log
dev/todo/install-bb-without-bb: Reiterate opkg bug
dev/todo/install-bb-without-bb: Crazy good
dev/todo/install-bb-without-bb: Exec bb directly
dev/todo/install-bb-without-bb: And break things
dev/todo/install-bb-without-bb: Go crazy
dev/todo/install-bb-without-bb: postinst runs cat
dev/todo/install-bb-without-bb: Link to postinst
dev/todo/install-bb-without-bb: Add u-a link
dev/todo/install-bb-without-bb: New article
dev/releases/1/packages: Update (wolfutil)
dev/releases/1/packages: Update
Updates: nss-certdata, proquivs, wolfssl.24, wolfutil
And libtommath.1 and readline.8 got re-arranged.
dev/wolfutil: New article
dev/releases/1/packages: Update (nss-certdata)
dev/releases/1/packages: Update (platconf-pkg-tools)
dev/releases/1/packages: Update (opkhelper-3.0)
dev/opkhelper: Update for 3.1.3
dev/releases/1/packages: Update script
New uploads will be at the end of the table.
dev/releases/1/packages: Update (opkbuild)
dev/opkbuild: Update for 4.2.0
dev/multiarch: Add FS hierarchy implementation
dev/multiarch: Fix arch-qualification syntax
dev/multiarch: `opkg install foo-dbg` for native
dev/multiarch: No one has to type ":<arch>", yay!
dev/multiarch: Who arch-qualifies dbg pkgs?
dev/multiarch: Mention oh-shlibdeps libdirs fix
dev/multiarch: Clarify dep semantics direction
dev/multiarch: Fix spelling
dev/multiarch: Drop release goal mention
And s/at in/in/.
templates/page.tmpl: Update copyright years
dev/multiarch: Mention opkg wrapper
dev/multiarch: Only native boot, dev, & util feeds
dev/multiarch: Format "Section: lib" as a field
dev/multiarch: Make link clearer
dev/multiarch: Add use cases
[WIP] dev/multiarch: New page
dev: Update package counts
Commit fd5c7ca fixed counting of source packages among binary packages.
dev: Merge Perl 5 note into above paragraph
dev: opkg tasks are done
Revert "[WIP] dev/multiarch/design: Document sections idea"
This reverts commit 5069c060556a05a7b4868ff2da5b207d2a4fa64c.
dev/releases/1/packages: Update
Updates: bison, flex, gdb, m4, ncurses, opkbuild
Also update the count of binary packages as fixed by commit bbd019a.
dev/releases/1/packages: Fix script
The "bins" variable began with a newline character, which increased the
count of binary packages by one.
[WIP] dev/multiarch/design: Document sections idea
dev/archive/mirroring: Recommend updating >=2x/day
dev/archive/mirroring: Replace URL in text
dev/archive/mirroring: Delimit URL in text
dev/archive/mirroring: Request sync time info
dev/archive/mirroring: Request more specific location info
dev/archive/mirroring: Forbid HSTS
dev/archive/mirroring: Recommend 4x daily sync
dev/archive/mirroring: Give tl;dr isns
templates/page.tmpl: Update copyright years and sponsor URL
dev/archive/mirroring: Require FTP be anonymous
dev/archive/mirroring: Fix official mirror lists note
dev/opkbuild: Update for 4.1.4
dev/archive/mirroring: Encourage mirror load balancing
dev/archive/mirroring: Combine DN/addrs and protos into URIs
The split assumed all mirrors would use `/pub/proteanos` as a base path.
dev/archive/mirroring: Fix/resolve prokit links
dev/archive/mirroring: Require HTTP
Someday, an HTTP redirector service may be introduced instead of prokit
hardcoding a selected mirror into opkg.conf. (Another option is to wrap
`opkg update` with a script that fetches the latest mirror lists (with
soft fail) and updates the opkg configuration file(s) with a randomly
selected mirror.)
dev/archive/mirroring: Request sync source info
dev/archive/mirroring: Introduce classifications
dev/archive/mirroring: Update/expand official mirror section
dev/archive/mirroring: Classify mirrors
dev/archive/mirroring: Listing files is not required
dev/archive/mirroring: Move path/proto recommendations
dev/archive/mirroring: Slightly clarify update frequency
dev/archive/mirroring: Rewrite introduction
dev/archive/mirroring: Update size
dev/releases/1/packages.mdwn: Update
bc, expat, fakeroot, gawk, gettext-tiny, libsigsegv, libunistring,
ncurses, opkbuild, pciids, readline.8
dev/opkbuild: Update for 4.1.0
dev/releases/1/packages: Update (flashrom, ich9deblob)
dev/releases/1/packages: Update (pciids, pciutils)
dev/releases/1/packages: Update (tzcode/tzdata -> tzdb)
dev/releases/1/packages: Update
dropbear, fakeroot, file, gmake, libtomcrypt, libtommath.1
dev/releases/1/packages: Update (build-essential, gcc-8, gcc-defaults)
dev/releases/1/packages: Update (gmp, mpc, mpfr)
dev/releases/1/packages: Update (binutils)
dev/releases/1/packages: Update (dejagnu)
dev/releases/1/packages: Update (expect, tcl8.6, xz, zlib)
doc/install/chroot: Update for prokit 2.0.0
doc/install/jail: Rename to doc/install/chroot
doc/plat/porting: Update to use prokit
doc/install/pc: Update for prokit 2.0.0
doc/install/prokit: Update for prokit 2.0.0
This reverts commit 84887f0 and makes additional changes.