Recent changes to this wiki:

dev/shlibdeps: New page
dev/releases/1/packages: Fix trailing spaces after "Upstream Version"
dev/releases/1/packages: Update
Python and Ruby ideas
Added Ideas to port to MIPS CPUs
doc/install: Remove link to dev/prokit
Users might visit that page instead of doc/install/prokit, which
provides instructions to download, build, and install prokit (and links
to dev/prokit anyway).
doc/install/prokit: Recommend against version 1.1.0
doc/install/prokit: Update AUR URLs
dev/archive/signing: Consider not distributing keys with prokit
Rely on existing PKI and leave keyring management to users.
dev/archive/signing: One option for pro-archman will suffice
dev/archive/signing: Mention simplicity of pkg/opkg/static
dev: Generalize multiple opkg tasks
dev/archive/signing: Add
dev/archive/signing: Mention SHA256sum fields as chain of trust
dev/pkg/opkg/static: Clarify parenthetical phrase
dev/pkg/opkg/static: Add "an additional package with"
dev/pkg/opkg/static: Downplay archive size compared to Packages sizes
dev/pkg/opkg/future: Clarify build system mention
dev/pkg/opkg/future: Improve wording clarity
dev/pkg/opkg: Add missing link definition
dev/pkg/opkg/static: New page
dev/pkg/opkg/future: Link back to dev/pkg/opkg
dev/pkg/opkg: New page
dev/pkg/opkg/future: Change title
dev/pkg/opkg: Move to dev/pkg/opkg/future
dev/releases/1/todo: Link to dev/archive/signing
dev/archive/signing: New page
dev/releases/1/todo: Make opkg optional
dev/releases/1/todo: Unindent "Miscellaneous" tasks
dev: Maintenance is neverending
dev: Expand "ProteanOS currently has ..." sentence
dev: Mention Perl 5 cross building, opkg fork, M-A
dev: Specify toolchain packages with upstreamable patches
dev/ports/i686-linux-eglibc-bootstrap: Mark as done
dev/ports/core-linux-eglibc-bootstrap: Mark as done
dev/ports/core-linux-eglibc/bootstrap: Mark as done
dev/name: Mark as historical
dev/opkbootstrap: Link to prokit and mark as historical
dev/releases/1/toolchains: Mark as done
dev/releases/1/opkbootstrap: Improve link
dev/releases/1/opkbootstrap: Truncate
dev: Link directly to dev/releases/1/todo
dev/pkg/opkg: Link to 0.2.x branch
dev/pkg/opkg: Wrap a long line
dev/pkg/opkg: Clarify OpenWrt/libreCMC opkg version
dev/pkg/opkg: libbbbbb
dev/pkg/opkg: Drop commas between months and years
dev/pkg/opkg: s|August and September of|August/September|
dev: Mention co-maintenance and maintainer reachability
dev: Direct admin requests to ML, not me directly
dev: Add instructions for package patches or takeovers
dev: Mention package maintenance
dev: Link to spring 2015 Capstone packages
dev: Just one package needs SPF 2.0 conversion
dev/pkg/spf-2.0: dbus is updated
dev/pkg/spf-2.0: glib-2.0 is updated
dev/pkg/needed: Lua is in progress
dev/pkg/needed: Drop dropbear
dev: s/many/some/ packages that need converted to SPF 2.0
templates/page.tmpl: Update copyright notice
dev: Rewrite "Software Development" section
pro-archman no longer badly needs more testing and maintenance.
dev/pkg/opkg: Note lede-opkg base version
dev/pkg/opkg: New file
dev/todo/removing-libbb-from-opkg: Update Google Groups URL
dev/releases/1/todo: Code-quote package names, file names, etc.
dev/releases/1/todo: Code-quote patch file names and s||| substitution
The underscores in the patch file names were being treated as emphasis.
dev/releases/1/packages: Update
dev/releases/1/packages: Add ich9deblob
dev/releases/1/packages: Update with packages in incoming
dev/releases/1/packages: Update
dev/releases/1/todo: Update
dev/archive/mirrors: Update mirrors sponsor
index: Fix about links
Move index-201507 to index
index-201507: New page
Add 128-px icons for home page slideshow
Add more icons
doc/install/prokit: Mention AUR packages
templates/page.tmpl: Add Libiquity link
templates/page.tmpl: Add merchandise link
doc/install/pc: Update installation instructions
doc/install/pc: Expand list of supported platforms
dev/releases/1/todo: Add notes to upgrade linux-libre
wiki/editing: Drop "Web Editing" for now
templates/page.tmpl: Drop "Edit" link for now
doc/install/prokit: Direct users to Git for PC installations
dev/releases/1/todo: Update
dev/releases/1: Change 1.0 date
dev: Drop 1.0 date
about: Drop 1.0 date
dev/pro-archman: Update for 1.4.0
templates/page.tmpl: Update copyright years
dev: Update expected release date
about: Update expected release date
users/sea: New page
dev/plat/simpler-porting: Expand opkg-feed stuff
dev/plat/simpler-porting: Add missing slash
dev/plat/simpler-porting: Add missing parenthesis
dev/plat/simpler-porting: New file
dev/releases/1/todo: Drop fbcon option