SPF 2.0 Packaging Transition

The specification for source package format 2.0 is being drafted. SPF 1.0 is deprecated, and no distribution build system in ProteanOS 1.0 will support it.

opkhelper 3.0 is in development, and opkhelper 1.0 will not be included in ProteanOS 1.0.

Many packages in ProteanOS still use SPF 1.0 and opkhelper 1.0. They need to be updated to SPF 2.0 and opkhelper 3.0 to be released with ProteanOS 1.0.


The following packages currently need to be upgraded:

Unclaimed Packages

Claimed Packages

In-Progress Packages

Finished Packages

Changes Necessary

See the SPF 2.0 specification for a list of changes introduced since SPF 1.0.

These are the most common changes to update packages to SPF 2.0:

See the manual pages for opkhelper 3.0 utilities to learn more about their options.

These are the most common changes to update packages to opkhelper 3.0 and to use multiarch library directories:

Finally, add a changelog entry documenting the changes. Be sure to add "trunk" (the distribution) to the end of the first line of the new entry. Also make sure the version identifier is properly formed. Following is an example changelog entry (from zlib):

zlib (1.2.7+sip1-1) trunk

  * New upstream version.
  * Update to SPF 2.0 and opkhelper 3.0.
  * Use multiarch library directories.
  * Don't distribute IETF RFCs (SIP compliance).

 -- "P. J. McDermott" <pjm@nac.net> Wed, 03 Apr 2013 15:06:09 -0400

See this commit for an example of the changes.