Isolated File System Environment Installation

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These instructions explain how to install ProteanOS into a directory on an existing host system to run under an isolated file system environment, or "jail", using prokit, the ProteanOS Development Kit. prokit will run ProteanOS using the chroot(2) system call via the chroot(8) wrapper program.

It is assumed that you have already built and optionally installed prokit.

Installing ProteanOS

First decide which "suite" of ProteanOS you wish to install. Currently only one suite is available: dev/trunk.

Next decide where to install ProteanOS. Replace $root below with the path to which you want ProteanOS installed.

If you installed prokit to your system, simply run:

$ sudo prokit install dev/trunk $root

Otherwise, from your prokit build directory, run:

$ sudo ./prokit install dev/trunk $root

Next Steps

Familiarize yourself with the ProteanOS Development Kit Manual, if you haven't already. The prokit-shell(8) and prokit-opkg(8) commands are used to manage installed ProteanOS systems.

If you'd like to develop packages for ProteanOS, you need to install the build-essential package (again replacing prokit with ./prokit if you haven't installed prokit):

$ sudo prokit opkg $root install build-essential

This may take a while, depending on your network connection. Then you can start learning how to prepare packages!