Getting the ProteanOS Development Kit

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The ProteanOS Development Kit, or prokit, is a software package for installing, managing, and developing ProteanOS systems. prokit enables you to install a ProteanOS system, run a ProteanOS shell and other commands, manage software packages on an installed ProteanOS system, and build packages for ProteanOS.


Building prokit requires make, a POSIX-conformant shell with local, and basic standard utilities. Git and GNU Autoconf and Automake are currently also required.

Running prokit requires the following utilities:

prokit also requires OpenWrt's usign utility to verify archive signatures. A system copy of usign can be used, however few distributions provide one. An embedded copy of usign is included, building of which additionally requires:

On a Debian-based distribution such as Trisquel, sudo apt-get install build-essential cmake is sufficient.

To install and manage ProteanOS systems you need a host system running Linux 3.4 or later.

The ProteanOS Development Kit uses the mount(8) , umount(8), and chroot(8) commands, which on Linux require superuser access. This guide assumes the use of sudo(8) for running commands with superuser privileges. Adjust where necessary if you don't use sudo(8).

Downloading the ProteanOS Development Kit

prokit release archives since version 1.1.0 and Git commits since 2.0.1-55-g545e082 are signed with the maintainer's OpenPGP 4096-bit RSA key. Import the key from a key server (available on the SKS network and on Finding a signature path from trusted keys in your keyring to this key is recommended if possible.

$ gpg --recv-keys 0x225031F047FFE51663ED516F1A459ECDE4D604BE

The current released version (2.0.1) of prokit lacks features now used by the ProteanOS package archive. Clone prokit from the Git repository:

$ git clone git://
$ cd prokit/

Check for signatures on the recent commits. Either run:

$ git log --show-signature

Or configure Git to always show signatures in the log (requires Git 2.10 or later):

$ git config log.showSignature true
$ git log

Either way, look for a Good signature made using RSA key 225031F047FFE51663ED516F1A459ECDE4D604BE in at least the top-most commits.

Building the ProteanOS Development Kit

Configure and build prokit:

$ ./
$ make

Installing the ProteanOS Development Kit

It is recommended but not necessary that you install prokit to your system:

$ sudo make install

Check that the installation was successful:

$ prokit version

The ProteanOS Development Kit Manual

prokit comes with a manual, starting with the prokit(1) page:

$ man prokit

Or, if you didn't install prokit, you can find the manual by running:

$ man man/prokit.1

The manual is also available from the prokit homepage.