Editing this Wiki

This wiki is managed using ikiwiki. Pages are formatted in Markdown and stored in a Git repository.

The wiki may be edited by anyone through either Git or a Web interface.

This page offers instructions to help new editors work with this wiki. Additonal assistance may be requested on the IRC channel.

Repository Editing

These sections assume at least a basic familiarity with the Git revision control system. Numerous books and tutorials for Git exist on the Web, and Git's included manual pages are a great reference.


To work with the wiki repository, you first need to clone it (using git-clone(1)). The following commands will get you a copy of the full repository and make it your working directory:

git clone git://git.proteanos.com/www/wiki.git proteanos-wiki
cd proteanos-wiki

Editing, Staging, and Committing

With the repository cloned, you can simply edit files in your favorite text editor.

When you've made some changes, stage them to the index with git-add(1) and commit them to the repository with git-commit(1). For example:

git add wiki/editing.mdwn
git commit

All of the usual recommendations for commit messages (a summary no longer than 50 characters, followed optionally by an empty line and detailed text wrapped at 72 characters) apply.

Be aware that the author usernames shown in the wiki's change log come from the author email addresses in commits. You can set just this value (and thus your username for the wiki) by setting the GIT_AUTHOR_EMAIL environment variable before running git commit.


When you've committed some changes, you can push them to the public repository (the "origin" which you cloned) using git-push(1). For example:

git push origin master:master

The shorter git push should also work, unless you modified the default remote and/or ref in your repository configuration.

As soon as the Git daemon receives your changes, it will run ikiwiki's Git hook to rebuild the pages you've edited. You can then immediately view the new pages on the wiki in your Web browser.


You might need to fetch and merge recent changes using git-pull(1), especially if you haven't fetched anything from the public repository in a while. For example:

git pull origin master

Formatting Syntax

Basic Syntax and File Extensions

The basic formatting syntax used by this wiki is Markdown. It is easy to read and can be learned quickly. See John Gruber's Markdown syntax description to learn more.

All wiki page files must have names ending in ".mdwn". This tells ikiwiki that they should be rendered into HTML using the Markdown processor.

Page Titles

Each wiki page should be given a title. This can be done using the meta directive of ikiwiki's "meta" plugin. For example, this page begins with the following directive:

[[!meta  title="Editing this Wiki"]]

Wiki Links

Ikiwiki has its own syntax for links to other pages within the wiki. For example, [[editing_this_wiki|wiki/editing]] results in a link like this: editing this wiki.


Images may be committed and pushed to the wiki.

They can then be included on wiki pages using the img directive of ikiwiki's "img" plugin.